Team Instruction

Excellent Management Team
GME has an excellent management team. They have a strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission, with a strong awareness of the market, competition, and risk awareness. They unite and cooperate to develop the leadership of the learned person, enterprising, innovative and has achieved excellent results.

A strong team of professionals
GME has employees 261 people, including: National Register all kinds of senior professionals, senior professional and technical positions, university staff, respectively, above 29% of the total number of employees, 47% and 81%.

Company adheres to people-oriented, solidarity and cohesion in a group of right-pass loyal to the career aspirations, with a high degree of professionalism and dedication of senior management personnel and various professional and technical personnel, the construction of a high-quality talent, they both has a profound professional knowledge and abundant practical experience, is the backbone of the development of GME and valuable asset.

Age Composition:

Education Background:

Specialized technical officers: