1、Corporate Vision:
Market-oriented, innovation-driven, and constantly expand the business scope and scale to maintain the industry leading position in the company into the domestic first-class, internationally renowned professional engineering company.

2、Corporate Mission:
Create value for customers, in order to create wealth. So that companies are getting into the realm of sustainable access to customer's trust and praise for the community to contribute to the prosperity and progress.

3、Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Unity: unity, cooperation, harmony, creating a harmonious enterprise; Pragmatism: pragmatic, realistic and pragmatic, and stress the effectiveness of work; Integrity: keep their word, loyal and reliable to maintain the company reputation; Innovation: technological innovation, management innovation, to keep the pass brands; Endeavor: work hard, dare to struggle and work top-notch; And strengthen the country: with the times, scientific development, better faster and stronger.

4、Business Philosophy: Freemasonry Within and Outside the Co-win-win Situation.
"Both within and Freemasonry," the culture of the company's survival and development of the book, reflects the learned person together with one heart and pass on the spirit of innovation and struggle. "Foreign co-win-win" is the company to expand an innovative business management, reflects the pass with all stakeholders and sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win pragmatism.

5、Business Philosophy:
Market development: market-oriented, focus on efficiency. External cooperation: an equal emphasis on the credibility of good faith, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Quality management: quality of survival, technology development, re-observe the credibility of the contract, so customer satisfaction. Innovative concept: You have to do, and strive to innovate to do a good job; needs to be done, carefully thought further increase.

6、Enterprise Management Concept:
GME to create the learned person, sincere achievements polymaths. Employment concept: people can be officers in the stage, there is a person standing. 6 arrested: arrested development, grasping execution, innovation and grasping, grasping foundation, grasping the details of grasping regular. 4 are: everything rule-based, well documented, it was responsible for some oversight. 4 strict: strict system, strictly enforce the strict supervision, strict reward and punishment.